Saw Blade 3pcs Cutting Blade Rotary Tool with Mandrel for Industry

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Inner bore diameter is 11.1mm and it will fit for many electric saw machines.
- Widely used on marble cutting machines, electric hand saws, sliding table saws, etc.
- Suitable for cutting wood material, PVC pipe, glass fiber board, plywood, three-ply board, etc.
- Saw blade teeth are very sharp which ensure fast and fluent cutting, , will not damage easily, don't burn the wood and will not burr.
- Black saw blade can cut soft metals such as aluminum, copper and plastic, yellow one is for wood, and silver one is for ceramics and tiles. It can cut nonferrous metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, bronze and plastic, PVC, fiberglass, wood, acrylic acid material, etc.

Material: High speed steel
Outer Diameter: 54.8mm
Bore Diameter: 11.1mm

Package included:
3 x Saw Blades
1 x 6mm Mandrel

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