тестер за мрежови кабели BNC & DUAL DISPLAY

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Network cable tester (UTP, FTP, COAXIAL)

Повече информация

 1x Network Cable Tester, 2x RJ-45-to-BNC Adapter, 1x BNC Connector, 1x RJ12 Cable End, 1x User Manual, 1x Carry Pouch. Both package and tool have a Yankok logo on it for genuine mark. Due to multiple functionalities, compatibility with almost all kinds of network cables & connectors, and budget-friendly, all together make this RJ45/RJ12/RJ11 network tester a top-ranked choice today.

Техническо описание

ТИП МУЛТИМЕТРтестери на ел. инсталации

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