2 Pcs AC 1000V 6mm Bit Phillips Flat Solt Insulated Screwdriver Set

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1000V 6mm Bit Phillips Flat

Повече информация

  • 1000V Insulated 2 Piece Screwdriver Set includes Phillips #2 x 100mm and Slotted 4mm x 100mm
  • Blades made of 8660 steel
  • Ergonomically designed handles are comfortable to use and increase torque
  • Specially treated black oxide tips eliminate light reflection and have a precise fit
  • For added torque, a second screwdriver can be inserted through hang hole

The Crescent 2-Piece Screwdriver set is insulated up to 1000V according International Standard IEC 60900:2004, as well as German safety standards VDE and GS.

Co-moulded for maximum comfort with ergonomically designed handles for increased torque, the screwdriver blades are made of tough 8660 grade steel.

Crescent 1000V Screwdrivers come with a hold in the handle for easy storage, or to apply addition torque with the use of a second screwdriver.

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