Tiplet for Desoldering Tools DS80/ DS217/ DS227/ DS228/ DS229

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Weller DS113 is a threaded tiplet for desoldering tools, Plated for contacting solder, Stainless steel liner brazed to tiplet for better heat transfer, Entire tiplet is iron, nickel and chrome plated, then tinned, Chrome plating eliminates need to apply anti-seizing compound on threads.The Weller DS113 Specifications:

  • Brand: Weller
  • Series: DS Series
  • Product Type: Desoldering Tip
  • Tip Size: 0.09in
  • Tip Length: 0.5in
  • For Use With: DS80 Desoldering Tool, DS217 Desoldering Tool, DS227 Desoldering Tool, DS228 Desoldering Tool, DS229 Desoldering Tool
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Material Category: Metal
  • Finish: Chrome Plated
  • Package Quantity: 1PK

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