AT90DH Soldering Station 90W esd

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AT90DH Soldering Station 90W

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AT-90DH soldering station, from room temperature to 350°c only needs 10 seconds. Variable temperature, silver alloy conductive materials, automatic sleeping support.

The new powerful AT90DH soldering station only needs 10s from room temperature to 350°C! It does this by using a 3rd generation heater in the tip by improving the heat conduction which decreases reaction time and makes sure the heating power goes all into your tip.

The AT90DH is designed for SMD soldering in professional areas like production, development and research but is naturally also suited for through hole soldering in DIY and making. It's intelligent sleep function reduces energy consumption in standby massively, the sleep time is adjustable to your preferences.


  • Needs only 10 seconds from room temperature to 350°C
  • Silver alloy conductive materials ensure a minimum heat loss
  • Visual operating control, analog bar indicates temperature change
  • Access to three sets of temperatures, when rapid conversion of the temperature is required
  • Temperature lock with personalized code
  • Intelligent sleep function, sleep time is adjustable to facilitate choice of differnet users, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Buzzer alarm function
  • Extended lifespan of iron tips
  • Split design of iron tip and heating element


  • Power consumption: 90W
  • Input voltage: 220VAC 50Hz (110V optional))
  • Output voltage: 24VAC
  • Temperature Range: 100-500℃ (212-932°F)
  • Temperature calibration Range: -50~+50℃(-58~+122°F)
  • Password range: 001-999(000means unlocked001)
  • Sleep temperature: 200℃
  • Sleep time: 0-99mins(0 minutes doesn’t sleep)
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/-10℃
  • Temperature Stability: +/-2℃(still air)
  • Tip to ground impedance: <= 2
  • Tip to ground voltage: <= 2 mV
  • Dimension: 168(L)X110(W)X95(H)

Package includes:

  • Soldering station AT-90DH
  • Power plug
  • Iron stand (with sponge)
  • Soldering iron
  • Manual

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