Комплект въртящи се гаечни ключове с тресчотка, 72 зъбни колела, клатеща се глава, взаимозаменяема комбинация, 180°

Референция: FRRM08
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С вкл. данък

ratchet head length: 52/52/52.5/56/56.5/58/68/73mm. Diameter of ratchet head: 9/10/11/12/13/14/17 /19 mm.
High-quality -V steel: adopting high-quality -V structure, with chrome-plated surface, high hardness, torque and good toughness.
The ratchet head can rotate 180 degrees: it is convenient to use the turnover wrench to realize the forward rotation of space angles, realize the use of forward and backward turnover, and is easy to use and operate.
Replaceable head design: you can change the required wrench specifications by pressing the button, which is easy to operate and install, convenient and beautiful.

Colour:Red & Silver

Package Contents:
1 * ratchet wrench
1 * Complete fittings