SCART Adaptor AV Block To 3 Phono Composite or S-Video

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  • SCART adaptor with red and white (left/right) phono sockets for audio and a choice of yellow phono socket for composite video or S-VHS socket for S-Video. It comes with input/output switch giving you control over the signal direction so can be used on the output device or the receiving equipment.
  • Please note that all scart connections have 21 pins (1 outer ring pin with 20 inner pins) but some are not fully wired. Please be assured that when you buy from us your scart connection will fully wired with all 21 connections made making it suitable for all SCART appliations.
  • 21pin SCART (male) - 3 x RCA (female) + SVHS/S-Video (female)

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