Thermometer for Cooking Meat, Food, Grill, Milk, Candy, Grilling and Barbecue

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μηκος διεισδυσης 10,5 cm, χρηση σε τροφιμα.

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  • LCD screen shows the temperature reading in seconds
  • 4.3 inch Extra Long Probe makes it easy to get an accurate reading without burning your hands
  • To save battery life, the screen turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity (battery is included with your Digital Thermometer)
  • A temperature range of -58F to 570F means you can get readings from arctic to volcanic (not for use in actual volcanoes; -50C to 300C)
  • Please use care around fingers and other soft parts; the probe is very sharp. Clean your thermometer probe with a warm, damp cloth before and after using

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