GL-GB08-8R1B Προβολή μεγαλύτερου

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GlacialLight GL-GB08 LED Grow Lights series is a unique product which fits into your home. It uses high power 8W silicon packaged LEDs as the light source. It has excellent features such as specific physical wavelengths in the red and green spectrum, enhanced photosynthesis illumination, long lifetime (min. 20,000 hrs), high luminous efficacy and reduces environmental pollution. The bulbs can use standard E26/ E27 sockets and use 100-240V AC. The bulbs are used for spotlighting, accent lighting and local lighting.
pd_50.gif Various series provide different wavelengths required by
the plants
pd_50.gif Power factor > 0.9 for 115V AC; Power factor > 0.8 for
230V AC
pd_50.gif Silicon packaged LEDs provides excellent thermal
pd_50.gif High power driver efficiency > 80%
pd_50.gif High luminous efficacy LED
pd_50.gif Precision optical design
pd_50.gif Combination function
pd_50.gif Customized services
pd_50.gif Non UV or IR radiation
pd_50.gif Energy saving and environmentally friendly

Model No.  GL-GB08-8R1BGL-GB08-6R3B
Wavelength (nm)Red*8: 650-670
Blue*1: 450-460
Red*6: 650-670
Blue*3: 450-460
Luminous Flux (lm)Red: 80-112
Blue: 08-12
Red: 60-84
Blue: 24-36
Typical Power Consumption10 W
SuggestionHorticulture/ LeafinessHorticulture/ Rhizomes
Input Voltage100 - 240V AC
Socket BaseE26 / E27
Operation Temp. Range-20 °C ~ + 40 °C
Beam Angle60°
Warranty2 Year
ApplicationsHydroponic agriculture/ Horticulture design/ Green-House lighting/Herb garden/ Grow vegetables at home in sunless location/ Commercial plant growing
Outline Dim.Ф 98*125 ( mm )
Net. Weight0. 25 (K gs )
Package24 Boxes / Carton
Box Dimension/ WeightL=116*115*156 (mm) / 0.35 (Kgs)

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