MS8360E - MT5211


39,00 € χ. Φ.Π.Α.

Ψηφιακό Πολύμετρο με Πηνιόμετρο Καπασιτόμετρο και Ανιχνευτή Τάσης Καλωδίων

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες

Τάση DC : 200mV/2V/20V/200V±(0.5%+3d) 1000V±(1.0%+5d)
Τάση AC : 200mV±(1.2%+3d) 2V/20V/200V±(0.8%+5d) 750V±(1.2%+5d)
Ένταση DC : 2mA/20mA±(0.8%+3d) 200mA±(1.2%+4d) 20A±(2.0%+5d)
Ένταση AC :2mA/20mA±(1.0%+5d) 200mA±(2.0%+5d) 20A±(3.0%+10d)
Αντίσταση : 200±(0.8%+5d) 2K/20K/200K/2MΩ±(0.8%+3d)
                    20MΩ±(1.0%+15d) 2000MΩ±(5.0%(reading-10)+20d)
Χωρητικότητα : 20nF/200nF/2uF±(2.5%+20d) 20uF/200uF±(5.0%+5d)
Επαγωγή : 2mH/20mH/200mH/2H/20H±(2.5%+20d)
Temperature (T) : <400°C±(1.0%+4d)>400°C±(1.5%+15d)
Frequency (Hz) : 2k/20k/200k/2000K/10M Hz±(1.0%+10d)
Power source : 9V 6F22 battery
Διαστάσεις : 189x97.5x35mm

Fully Featured Multimeters

Design for measuring AC/DC Volts, Current, Resistance, Frequency,
Temperature, Continuity, Diode and Transistor.
Versatile, safe and Accurate
All of its inputs are protected to CE, IEN61010-1 CAT IV 600V safety
rated and overload protection ensures uninterrupted
operation and long life.Dual slope A/D conversion.
Large LCD w/ backlight
LCD display with backlight allows for easy reading even in dark area.
Extra funcions
Continuity with beeper, Diode test, Data hold, Auto power off,
Low battery indication, Overload indication, Backlight,
Transistor Tester.
LCR Meter
• Inductance to 20H
• Capacitance to 200µF
• Resistance to 2000MΩ

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