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Splitter is used for branching radio and TV signals in antenna installations collective and individual. It allows the passage of signals from one coaxial cable to two wires at a uniform distribution of power. Splitter can be used instead of the socket end subscriber, if the subscriber wants to connect 2 TV sets. 

Splitters are designed for use indoors. The electronics splitters are made of surface mount technology and enclosed in the housing in the form of a cuboid, a cast zinc alloy. The body provides maximum shielding effectiveness and mechanical resistance. 

- The transition voltage: 24V 0.8A (max)

- sieving coefficient: 5-2400MHz = 100dB

- Connection input / output: socket F

- Impedance 75 ohm

- Housing zinc die-cast under pressure, tin

- Very effective shielding


The range 5-40MHz

- Through loss: <3.5dB

- Separation of outputs:> 14dB

- Feedback:> 10dB

Scope 40-1000MHz

- Through loss: <3.8dB

- Separation of outputs:> 22dB

- Feedback:> 12dB

range 1000-1750MHz

- Through loss: <4.0dB

- Separation of outputs:> 20dB

- Feedback:> 12dB

range 1750-2400MHz

- Through loss: <4.5dB

- Separation of outputs:> 20dB

- Feedback:> 10dB

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