285 Pcs Stainless Steel Φ5-Φ18 Car Double Wire Fuel Line Hose Spring Tube Clamp

Reference: Spring Tube Clamp
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Product Attributes: Spring Tube Clamp
4. Scope of Application: Machinery, Hardware, Automobiles, Motorcycles, Yachts, Motorhomes, Trailers, Stationery, Toys, Gifts, Furniture, Appliances, Switches, Locks, Sports Equipment
5. Product Role: To Meet The Needs of Different Types of Cars, Motorcycles, Motor Homes, Trailers, Various Types of Hose Connection Clamps
6. Product Features, Simple Installation and Easy Disassembly.
7. Product Specifications:
Φ5-35 Pcs, Φ6-35 Pcs, Φ7-35 Pcs,
Φ8-35 Pcs, Φ9-20 Pcs, Φ10-20 Pcs,

Φ11-20 Pcs, Φ12-20 Pcs, Φ13-20 Pcs, Φ14-20 Pcs, Φ16-15 Pcs, Φ18-10 Pcs

Spring Tube Clamp

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