LOCBONDSO DIY Car Rear Window Defogger Repair Kit - Copper

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funnel is a two component epoxy paste, which contains silver subjected to special treatment. Through the process of modification 
silver takes the form of microscopic flakes which results in a high performance electro-conductivity. Perfect for repairing the heating.
- Repairs path in heated car windows
- Fixes contacts, printed circuits
- Connects electronic components
- Oprność joints 0.01 Ohm / cm2
- Resistant to extreme high and low temperatures
- Mass: 2g
- Curing at these temperatures .: 20 ° C - 24 hours. 60 ° C - 120 min. 
- Color: dark silver 
- Two containers with the components of the adhesive
- rod for mixing the two pieces
- Template glue

Great for repairing defect traces / tracks or creating smooth jumpers on PCB board.  Easy to use.  Perfect for rigid or flexible substrates.  Must have DIY tools.
Provides excellent conductivity and quickly air dries into a flat surface texture.
Repairing damaged or defective pcb traces and tracks    
Repairing membrane switches    
Creating smooth jumpers    
Solderless interconnects    

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