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DIY Windshield Repair Kit Car Window Repair Polishing Windscreen Glass Chip Crack Restore Adhesive K

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  • Easy to use for all types of laminated windshields
  • Minimizes the appearance of chips and cracks in the windshield
  • No heating is needed
  • Durable resin formula
  • Good for multiple repairs
  • Unique ingredient-Eliminate the mixture
  • With UV light,can replace the sunshine convenience
windshield repair instructions


1, clean damaged area

  • clean out any loose glass particlespit hole caused by striking object of the break using pininjector.
  • replace pin after use.
  • clean area surrounding break a dry cloth or paper towel

2, mount seal t windshield

  • peel backing off side of adhesive seal
  • line up hole in seal with pit pointing tab upward press seal to glass.
  • run fingers around seal to insure a good bond.


3, remove backingseal
  • peel backingtop side of adhesive seal.
4, mount pedestal to adhesive seal
  • line up pedestal with adhesive seal making sure tabs match up.
  • press pedestal to glass. run fingers to insure a tight bond.
5, place resin into pedestal
  • cut tip off resin container to open stem. place stem 1/4 inch into pedestal opening. slowly squeeze 5 to 6 drops into pedestal.
  • wipe any excess resintip with & save the empty container for step 11.
6, connect injector to pedestal
  • insure plunger tip is positioned in injector barrel just above the pin valve.
  • press fit injector into pedestal with the pin valve lined up with the tab.
  • insure connection is tight.
7, lock plunger in vacuum position
  • hold injector with one hand,pull plunger upward with the other hand . lock plunger by engaging lower notch in plunger with spring clip.
  • release hands and allow device to remain in locked postion.
8, fill injector with air
  • take injector outthe pedestal, make the plunger to its maxi postion
  • put the injector back to the pedestal.
9, move plunger to pressure
  • hold injector with one hand and rotate plunger releasing spring cliplower notch.
  • depress plunger downward engage upper notch with spring clip.
10, remove pedestalglass
  • loose outer edges of pedestal with a safety razor.
  • once top part of pedestal and seal is bent awayglass surface, grip pedestal tab as show.
  • slowly pull up until removed.
  • wipe and remove excess resin.
11, pit filling procedure
  • hold resin container in once hand and make ready the clear curing film in the other hand as shown.
  • slowly squeeze resin container applying a drop of resin in pit.
  • place clear curing film over pit holding resin in the pit.
12, curing & finishing
  • run safty razor lightly over clear film to vent out any air bubbles.
  • note: ultra violet sun rays cure the resin. park vehicle in direct sunlight for 15 minutes.on hazy park vehicle in sun light for minimun of 1 hour
  • to finish, scrap off cured resin and clear film flush with the glass surface using safety razor.
  • 1, avoid using in direct sunlight-work in shaded area.
  • 2, do not work on a hot windshield, park vehicle in shaded area and open windows to cool glass surface.
  • 3, a safety razor is required to remove components and finsh repair.
Caution: Do not let resin come in contact with painted surfaces.
Style 1 with UV lamp Packing list:
  • 1x2ml repair resin
  • 5x Cure Film
  • 3x Adhesive Seal
  • 1x Pedestal
  • 1x Razor Blade
  • 1x Injector
  • 1x Cleaning cloth
  • 1x Push Pin
  • 4x Black O-ring
  • 1x Flexible Metal Tube
  • 1x UV light
  • 3x Transparent piglet
  • 1x Instruction
Style 2 no UV lamp packing list:
  • 1 * 2ml resin
  • 1 * Injector
  • 3 * Adhesive seal
  • 1 * Pedestal
  • 2* O-ring Seal
  • 5 * Curing Film
  • 1 * Clean Cloth
  • 1 * Push Pin
  • 1 * Blade
  • 1 * Instruction manual

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