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Universal Car Seat Heating Pad Temperature Adjustable Heated Seat Cushion Winter

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1. It can be heated quickly within 2 minutes, and the temperature can be adjusted from 30 to 65 degrees Celsius.
2. The front is made of soft fabric, and the back is made of mesh. Non-slip comfortable seats. Suitable for car seats, home and office chairs.
3. Compatible with all common standard car lighter sockets.
4. When the temperature reaches 65 degrees Celsius, it will automatically shut down, completely safe. Separate back plate design, no pressure in a few seconds.
5. The main body and the wall-mounted back panel are of separate design, which can be installed as long as they are fastened, and can be easily installed within 1 second.

Product color: black
Product material: knitted fiber composite + non-slip mesh + heating wire fiber
Product size: about 97×47cm
Product net weight: about 540g
Product gross weight: about 550 g
Product voltage: 12V
Product power: 30W-45W
Product line length: about 135cm
Temperature: 30℃-65℃
Product application: car/home/office
Compatibilty: general

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