Iroda-SOLDERPRO Cordless-Butane-Gas-Soldering-Iron

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The SOLDERPRO 100 is a portable multi-function heat tool specifically designed for the hobby/DIY...

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Equivalent to a power range of 30-100 Watt. Cordless, simple, safe operation anywhere. Ready to use 20 seconds after ignition. Tank capacity for 90 minutes of operation. No electrical interference. Comes with soldering tip, extra orifice and protective cap. Perfect size for all tool bags. 

Equivalent to a power range of 30-100 Watts
Cordless, simple, safe operation anywhere
Ready to use 20 seconds after ignition
Tank capacity for 90 minutes of operation.
No cords, can be used anywhere
No electrical interference.
Patented dual stage catalytic tips.


Applications and uses:
Automotive and truck repairs
Aviation service and repair
Electrical/Electronic circuit repair
Enviromental splicing
Jewelry repair
Arts and crafts
Thawing frozen locks
Dental wax corrections
Model building
Micro components
Circuit boards
Infield repairs
Loosen rusted nuts and bolts
Maintain switch panels
Shrink tubing
Soften window caulking
Solder circuit boards
TV cable systems
Circuit boards
Countless more applications

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