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MS8229 - Digital Multimeter , Vdc, Vac, Adc, Aac, Ohm, F, Hz, °C, dB, Lux, MASTECH

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Digital multimeter MS8229 by Mastech® is a multi-functional device with environmental tester. built-in sound level meter, light meter, ambient temperature and humidity tester. Large dual LCD display. Tests AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, frequency, duty cycle and capacitance diode check and continuity test.

The multimeters are measuring tools widely used in the electronics field. They are small in size, portable and very useful in diverse spheres of application. The multimeters are suitable for professionals and amateurs as well as for the household. One of the great advantages of these tools is that they can measure more than one parameter. Most commonly a multimeter can measure voltage (AC and DC), current, resistance and some models allow frequency, temperature, transistors polarity and magnetic field measurement.




1. Never exceed the limit values ​​indicated on the scale for each measurement range.

2. Do not touch the non-insulated probe parts when measuring.

3. Never use the instrument to measure a voltage higher than 500 V AC / DC.

4. When the value of the measured parameter is unknown, the instrument is set to the maximum range.

5. Before selecting another measurement parameter, remove the probes from the previous measurement.

6. When measuring impulse power supply, be aware that high impulse values ​​can damage the unit.

7. The safe touch voltage is up to 60 VDC, 30 VAC rms.

8. Never measure impedance in a circuit with a supply voltage included. In the resistance measurement mode, do not measure the voltage. In the current measurement mode, do not measure the voltage

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