12V 7Ah

12V 7Ah battery, Sealed Lead Acid battery

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Μπαταρία μολύβδου 12V 7Ah Διαστάσεις: - μήκος: 15,1 cm - πλάτος: 6,5 cm - ύψος: 9.35 cm - Τύπος...

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Characteristics:BP-Series, Allround PLUS
Voltage/Capacity:12V 7Ah
Dimensions:151x65x93 mm (LxWxH); height with Terminal: 98 mm
Weight:2.54 kg
Terminal:T2 Faston 250 (6.3 mm)
Max. Charge Current:2.1A

Rocket ES7-12,
Enersys / Yuasa NP7-12 Y7-12,
Powersonic, PS-1270F2, PS-1265, PS-1270, PS1272,
Panasonic, LC-R127R2P, LC-R127R2P1
Panasonic, LCR12V6.5BP LCP126R5P
Panasonic, LCR12V7.2P LC-R127CH1
Panasonic, LC-R127R2PG, LC-R127R2PG1,
Panasonic, LC-R127R2CH1,
Powertron, PT7-12,
Vision, CP1270F2,
RITAR, RT1270,
CSB Battery, GH1270, GP1270, HR1270,
B&B BP7-12, BP7.2-12,
Fiamm, FG20722,
Sonnenschein, A512/6.5S A506/6.5S A312/5.7S
Portalac, PXL12072
GS Portalac, PE12V7, PE12V9F2, PX12090, PWL12V7,
GS Portalac PE12V9, PS1270F2, PX12090,
Hitachi, HP7-12,
Exide, EP7-12,
Ultracell, CB7-12,
Injusa, IJ7-12,
Diamec, DM12-7.2,
Yeuyang, 6-DW-7,

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