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AT-90DH soldering station, from room temperature to 350°c only needs 10 seconds. Variable...

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Technical Specifications

Power consumption: 90W
Input voltage: 220VC±10% 50Hz (110V selectable)
Output voltage: 24VAC
Temperature Range: 100-500°c (212-932°F)
Temperature-correcting Range: -50~+50°c (-58~122°F)
Password Scope: 001-999 (000means unlocked)
Setting Mode:Keying adjustment and immediate access
Password Scope:001~999
Dormant temperature: 200 (temperature at the tip of soldering iron in the dormant state)
Dormant time: 1-99mins (No dormancy at the point of 0 minute)
Temperature Accuracy: ±10°c
Temperature Stability: ±2°c(Still air and no load)
Tip to ground impedance: <= 2
Tip to ground voltage: <= 2 mV
Dimension: 175(L)×115(W)×95(H)mm
Weight: 2.3KG



90W Digital Soldering Station with LCD Display and Fast Heat Up
  • HD LCD, backlight LCD, visualized process control and easy to operate.
  • Silver alloy as heat conducting material, heat exchange mode, and very fast temperature returning.
  • Temperature rises to 350°c in 10 seconds after starting up.
  • Immediate temperature access function and quick switch of service temperature.
  • Auto sleep and password locking.
  • Separate design between soldering iron and heating core, thus saving on use-cost.
  • Handy handgrip and comfort to use.
  • Fault display warning function.

Test Chart


Test Conditions

Test method: Install thermocouple in the place of iron tip, put welding wire of 10 mm diameter on PCB (epoxy resin copper clad), weld one point at each second, and test the temperature of iron tip.
Thermocouple: K type
Setting temperature: 350°c
The standard soldering iron tips: AT800-2.5D


Soldering Iron

Interchangeable Soldering Tips of ATTEN 90DH Soldering Station

Heater's Revolution

Being one of the best selling soldering stations, AT-90DH Soldering Station utilizes the new 3nd generation of heater. See what’s new below.

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