12V Car Washer

Multifunction Car Wash Set 12V Car Wash Kit Portable Car Wash Water pipe water gun motor

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Vehicle cleaning, ship, beverage, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, water purification and water treatment equipment. Color: orange + yellow + black Material: PVC+PU Plug: cigarette lighter plug Power: DC 12V Working current: 6A Power: 72W Maximum pressure: 0.9Mpa General pressure: 0.4-0.5 Mpa Water flow: 6L/min Maximum suction (self-priming height) 2 meters, lift (effective energy obtained by pumping liquid per unit weight) up to 6-9 meters high Instructions: 1. The direction of the arrow on the pump is the water outlet. 2. The wires are not divided into positive and negative poles. 3. The pump can be placed in any direction. Common faults and exclusions: 1. With electricity, the pump does not rotate. Check if the wires behind the motor are off. 2. The water pump rotates and sprays water, but the amount of mist is small and the pressure is reduced. Turn on the pump and check for any debris in the pump chamber. If the motor bracket is loose, tighten the screws. Note that the inlet and outlet valves cannot be reversed. 3. After the pump is used for half a year or one year, the pressure is reduced and the spray volume is small. Open the water pump and tighten the motor bracket screws; change the small die in the cavity up and down, or replace the small grinding disc. Water pipe size: 8.5m outlet pipe, 1.5m inlet pipe Pump size: 162*55*100mm, cigarette lighter line length is about 2.8m

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