Exhaust Pipe Sealant 75g Seal Repair Paste Silencer Durable

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Scope of application: automobile exhaust pipe, muffler, catalytic converter, etc. Product size: about 135*55*35mm Features: This product is resistant to high temperatures up to 1100 ° C. It is an auxiliary product for assembling, replacing or repairing exhaust pipes, mufflers and catalytic converters. Simple construction, long life and reliable quality. Instructions: 1. New equipment: Apply this product to the exhaust gas throat, the inside and outside of the exhaust pipe connection (about 0.65 mm thickness), and then install it in the normal position. 2. Repair: first clean the surface, remove the dirt, grease, rust with a descaling brush or sandpaper, and evenly wipe it in the pinholes and cracks to be successfully repaired. 3. If the damage is less than 3 mm, it can be directly applied and repaired. For example, when repairing a hole with a larger area, it is necessary to add a bottom pad to the fiberglass net for squeezing for 20 minutes or overnight. Cost saving, quick and easy to use. High firmness, high temperature resistance, preventing gas leakage. Effective for sealing exhaust joints subject to elevated temperatures. Repair exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, crossover pipes, mufflers and tailpipes. Can be used for repairing small cracks. If the repaired area is too large, you can put on the fiberglass mesh. Product list: 1* Sealant #exhaust pipe sealant #Exhaust pipe repair glue #High temperature sealant #repair #exhaust pipe #silencer #Catalytic converter #Cars #Auto #waterproof #Anti-leakage #paste

BORO 425

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