Wall Crack Instant Waterproof Repair Paste

Референция: Wall Repair
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Repair Cream With Scraper

1. Repair Paste is an innovative paste that effectively seals, and repairs broken surfaces. 2. Easy to use. Apply paste to areas requiring repairs, apply it evenly with scrapers ,and grind it flat with sandpaper after drying. 3. It is a water based sealant that is paintable, easy to apply, quick dry, can be used to a large variety of surfaces. 4. It provideds a strong but flexible layer of protection to the applied surface. It is leak proof and can be applied on wet surfaces with high bonding strength. 5. Wide application, can be used to repair nail hole, damage of wall, wall peeling and wall crack,etc.

Notice: Please allow minor deviation due to manual measurement.

Specification: Content: 20 ml,100 ml

Package including 1 x repair past

Product type: Adhesives & Sealers

Wall Repair

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