SOLDERING 1.6mm RX70 60/40 (Sn60%/Pb40%) 1kgr

Reference: 1.6mm RX70
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1.6MM Solder Wire Size

  • Excellent solder joint reliability. Superior joint strength.
  • Excellent thermal & Mechanical fatigue resistance. Low cleaning required after solder joint
  • High purity Alloy that is composed of 40% Tin and 60% Lead from Virgin Metals.
  • Applied by Hand or Feed Soldering Process in Electronic & Electrical Assemblies.
  • Non-Corrosive and No Impact of Residue form at Post Soldering which means passes in Pin Probe & Flying Probe Tests for No Clean Wires.
  • If require residue shall clean with appropriate Liquid Application.
  • Precise amount of Flux cored from state of the art Technology Process.
  • Soldering wires conforms to JIS, ANSI, IPC, DIN, ISO standards.

1.6mm RX70

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