Reference: BST-878L
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878D, 700W LED Digital Solder Iron soldering station BGA Rework

The WEP 878D soldering iron is a hot air soldering iron and a soldering iron.
It is used in electronic services for safe soldering QFP, BGA, SMD, PLCC and other sensitive components for temperature.

The WEB 878D soldering iron has an LED display on which the hot air temperature is displayed, the temperature control with the buttons, and the blowing power with the knob. The temperature control of the soldering iron is done by means of the knob.

Reading the actual hot air temperature

The hot air station has a sensor in the flask base, whereby when the flask is placed on a stand, the station heats the heating element from 3 to 8 minutes, then turns it off (so-called ARM STATE). This saves energy, extends the life of the heater and increases work safety. When you reach standby by the hotair soldering iron, you can switch it off completely by pressing the button or lifting the flask up again.
The station remembers the last set temperature.

Stable and efficient airflow is provided by the fan in the flask. The fan is driven by a brushless motor, providing a much higher durability and reliability.

We have all the jets available on the market for this station.


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