LiCB A23 23A 12V Alkaline Battery

Reference: 23A ΣΥΝΑΓΕΡΜΟΥ
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A23 Batteries have a nominal voltage of 12V, are of the Dry-cell type

23A (MN21) battery is a small cylindrical cell, with a nominal capacity 12V. This high voltage makes it perfect for use in devices such as car and garage door controllers, as it improves the radio frequency transmission between the controller and the device it operates.

This single-use alkaline battery is also suitable for devices that require the following battery size codes: MN21, A23, GP23A, AG23, L1028, VR22, V23GA, GP23AE, A23, 3LR50, K23A, LRV08, E23A.

Dimensions: 10.22 in diameter, 28.5mm in height.