Type 2 Male Plug Replacement For Charging Cable

Reference: Type 2 male
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This is a Type 2 Male  ‎IEC 62196 standard European plug without cable. The maximum power provided from the plug is up to 22kw (32A, 3-Phase). This replacement plug is designed to be used with EV charging cables. The maximum power that the plug can provide is up to 22 kW (32 Amperes, 3-Phase). It is a Male Type 2 end plug to connect directly on the charging station. The product has a nice appearance, a hand-held ergonomic design and is easy to plug.

Suitable to connect with all private or public charging station cables and for use outdoors or indoors. The Type 2 replacement plug should be installed only by a qualified electrician.

This plug replacement end charging has no cable and is intended to be firmly attached to the charging cable. Find more of our EV accessories here.

How to use:

  1. Firstly, have a professional to make the replacement of the plug to the charging cable. It is important to be fixed to the cable correctly
  2. Further, activate the charging station
  3. Plug in the Type 2 end of the cable to the station
  4. After the cable has clicked in place you are ready for the charge

Charging cable care:

When you finish with the charge, always disconnect the cable from the car. The charging cable is the lifeline of your electric vehicle and is important to keep it protected. Moisture in the contacts will result in the cable not working. If this happens let the cable in a warm and dry place for 24 hours. When you leave the cable outside always use the protective lid. Dust and dirt will result in the cable not charging. For longevity, ensure that your charging cable is not twisted or excessively bent when not in use. The replacement plug has IP 55 when plugged in. Therefore, this means that it has protection from dust and splash of water from any direction.


22 kW

Maximum Current

32 A

Power Supply


Operational Voltage



Copper alloy + Silver plated

Operational Temperature

-30 °C to +50 °C


Duosida (China)


24 months

Type 2 male