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Automatic Air Pump for Car, Bike & Cycle

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No strength required for pumping air as it is all electronic & is powered directly from your car battery. High Power Model of 12V Car Electric Air Compressor Tyre Pump - Tyre Inflator High Power Model 300PSI has a Extra High Power Motor for Better Inflation power Stronger outer body, long air pipe simply use this for fast & easy inflation of car tyres, Long Air Pipe .Gauge shows accurate tyre pressure when connected and easy to store in car dicky. Robust and durable design Perfect for anyone who wants a ease while inflating a tyreSafety Measures: Put the Vehicle in Neutral and pull the Hand Break. Do not run the air compressor continuously for more than 20 minutes. After each 20 mins allow it to cool for a minimum of 15 mins. Do not leave the air compressor unattended while in operation. Keep it out of reach of children. Do not exceed maximum pressure. This Tyre Inflator is designed to be used during Emergency and not for precise job.

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