3m White TV Antenna Cable PAL Male to Female Aerial Flylead Fly Lead Coax

Reference: CX-S/2.5
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High Quality PAL TV Flylead - Male to Female
- Superior video/audio quality 
- 3 meters long!

A better quality option from your antenna point to TV. These flyleads are a perfect option for hooking up your TV, VCR Set Top Box etc to your antenna wall point. Check around, these are great value compared to the generic cheapies you get in stores for around the same price. Great if your antenna point is on the wrong side of the room or if you need to run an extension to another room!

Features of this range of cables include:
- Performance cables utilising 99.96% pure OFC.
- Metal bodied plugs with positive finger grip & moulded cable strain relief.
- Video cable covered in a soft and flexible matte white jacket
- Recommended for digital or analogue signals
- For home theatre systems, Hi-Fi systems, video / camcorder / TV / VCR / editing suites, DVD, satellite and any application which deserves the absolute best in A/V    performance
- Clean and clear image reproduction


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