Digital wattmeter with German plug, power consumption meter, energy meter

Reference: OWL MICRO
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compact digital wattmeter that allows you to measure power, energy consumption and approximate costs.


The LTC measuring device is an extremely compact and practical product. You can connect the wattmeter directly to the power socket, and the socket on the front will be used to connect the device to be measured. The body of the device is extremely compact, thanks to which the wattmeter fits in the power socket, while not protruding from it excessively.

digital display

The wattmeter is equipped with a readable digital display. The use of the display allows you to provide the user with valuable data in the most accurate and accessible way possible. Built-in buttons allow you to change the operating mode and the currently displayed parameter. The display operates in the range up to 9999 and shows the results with an accuracy of 2 decimal places.

Multiple operating modes

U95 is an advanced device whose capabilities do not end with displaying the power consumption of the currently connected device. The wattmeter allows the user to measure the energy consumption and calculate the energy costs for the connected device. Settings are controlled using convenient buttons located on the front of the device.


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