Electricity consumption meter, M150 wattmeter

Reference: FHT-9998
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Multifunctional electricity meter - wattmeter. A device useful in every home and office.

Thanks to the use of an electricity meter, you can accurately control energy consumption and costs.

- displaying the current time:
- displaying the mains voltage:
- displaying the current consumption:
- displaying the current load on the socket (power of the device in watts):
- displaying and saving the sum of electricity consumed:
- displaying and saving the total switching-on time and energy charges ( after defining the rate):
- displays the frequency of the electrical network, power factor

Power 230VAC 50Hz
operating current max. 16A
voltage range 230V - 250V
Time display range 0sec - 9999 days
Power display (W) 0W - 9999W
Voltage display 0V - 9999V
Current display (A) 0.000A - 16.000A
Frequency display 0Hz - 9999Hz
Minimum power display range 0.0W - 9999W
Maximum power display range 0.0 - 9999W
kWh display 0.000 - 9999kWh
Memory backup 1x 3.6V battery

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