Soldering fume extractor ZD-153A

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The extractor that can be used when soldering or in other situations where fume is released.
This fume extractor is attached to an arm that can rotate and that can be adjusted in several manners at a suitable distance. By extracting the soldering fumes, the extractor makes sure that they cannot be inhaled. This prevents headaches or eye irritation. The extractor can be hung easily at the right distance from the soldering work because of its simple settable design.

The extractor has a carbon filter and consequently does not blow the fume into the room. The air is filtered enabling the biggest part of the noxious fumes to be removed. The filter can be replaced easily. A total of three filters are already included.

An adapter is included to connect the fan to a tube. The outer diameter of the adapter is 99,5 mm. We recommend to use only short tubing, because the fan cannot build up enough pressure to use long tubing.

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TYPE SOLDERINGSoldering fume extractor

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