Pen Style Bit Screwdriver with Pocket Clip

Reference: SD-9814
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Penlight with Precision Screwdriver Set

This is an extremely easy-to-use, reliable light in any emergency situation while still packed with features. Slide the head to adjust the beam from a spotlight to wide-area flood focus. The durable aluminum alloy body is impact-resistant, water resistant, weatherproof, and it includes a pocket clip to keep it secure.

Also included in this kit is an 7-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Set. This handy mini screwdriver compliments the Penlight in every way. It's durable, reliable and fits right into your pocket! All the included bits fit right into the back of the screwdriver so you can swap them out as needed. If you watch our old video you may see different colors for the screwdrivers: now it's all black in the same package with the Penlight.

Note: some packages may only have 7 extra screwdriver bits, despite the packaging saying 8. This was a factory error which is why we have such a good price on it!

- Brightness: 200 Lumens, 40m Distance
- 2 Modes: On and Off
- Slide to Focus Beam from Spot to Floodlight
- Includes Pocket Clip
- Made of Durable Impact-Resistant Aluminum
- Dirt, Dust, Water, and Weather-Proof
- Great for all Emergencies, Indoors and Out
- Runs on 2 AAA Batteries (Included)
- No Recharging Needed: Just Pop in a Fresh Set of Batteries
- Great for Packing in Any Travelbag or Toolbox, Camping, and More
- Dimensions: 5.5in x .5in Head Diameter

- Vanadium Steel Construction
- Compact Pocket Size
- (2) Slotted Screwdrivers: 2mm and 3mm
- (2) Phillips Screwdrivers: #1 and #2
- (4) Torx: T5, T6, T7 and T8
- One bit might be missing (Factory Error)


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