PS Timer TS-digital

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High-quality programming designed for manual switching on and off devices connected to it, equipped with a plug that fits into each slot. Parameter control switching on and off, it is time. The programmer is ideal for home, garage, workshop, etc.

How does the timer?

Timer operation is very simple - a predetermined time by the user, enables and disables the device connected to it. The same configuration and the same connection for installation. Regardless of the type of programming, just set the time at which it is to be disabled or enabled device. This can be done using the buttons / knobs or electronically. To all worked properly - switch contact must be connected to 230 V installations, while the controlled device to the programmer.

The timer can be connected to electrical devices of all types, but most often it is used:
- In the household, for example. To turn on and off the heating in the house at the time set for the specified time. Lets get large savings of electricity, such as controlling the work. + Heating water boilers, accumulation and convection ovens. By controlling lighting can simulate the presence of tenants in the house during their absence will turn on the lamp connected to it.
- In gardening, eg., To control sprinklers to turn on and off the heating and lighting of plants in greenhouses.
- In agriculture, for example. For lighting and heating in livestock buildings, and for switching control of heating lamps, infrared radiators, artificial kwokami, heaters, ventilation parniami, feeders, conveyor belts.
- In cultures hobby, for example. Terrarystyce in aquariums and for lighting and heating, automatically changing the lighting time for the night, while maintaining normal daily cycle of animals.
- Wherever there is a need for control switching on and off electrical devices without making any changes to existing electrical installation, eg. Switching to night lighting, daylight, shop windows and illuminated advertising, control devices working cycles, simulating the existence of surveillance object.

High-quality materials and high precision guarantee a long period of trouble-free operation and satisfaction and safety. An additional advantage of this product is reasonable value for money, which makes it even more attractive and worth recommending to anyone, even the most demanding user.

Number of buttons8
programming24 - hour / 7 days
Number of programs for the weekUntil 16
Delay3 seconds / 24 hours
Display real timeYES
Power220 - 240 V AC
maximum load16 A / 3600

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