50 AMP In-Line Noise Filter

Reference: NOICE FILTER 50A
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IBNF50 Noise Filter 50 Amp

These low voltage in-line noise filters are an inexpensive,

but essential part of your after-market radio installation. 

Simply placed between your power source and radio or stereo input, you'll immediately notice the difference as it expertly reduces or eliminates most types of noise which can enter a radio device through the DC power source. Common sources of noise which can be filtered are: alternator whine, windshield wiper motor noise, power window noise, light bar motor noise, fuel pump noise and power supply hum. 

Multiple filters can be connected together in series to increase effectiveness in extreme situations. 

  • Install Bay quality
  • Rated for any 12-volt audio application up to 50 total amps
  • Expertly crafted from high-quality, premium materials
  • Positive power line-in, line-out and ground cables
  • Can easily be mounted anywhere
  • Dimensions: 54 x 93 x 36mm