AB Caster Glue Casting Adhesive Industrial Repair Agent Metal

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65g Kafuter A+B Metal Repairing Adhesive Super Glue Iron Steel Auto Radiator Water Tank Special leakage Plugging Welding Glue

Clean attachments, use glue according to the proportion
A/B pipe 1:1, mix the plastic plate for 3 minutes (25 degrees) and then crimp it down at room temperature. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to position it. It reaches strength within 30 minutes and can be
Suitable for 60°T0100 C.
Scope of use
It can be attributed to metal, plastic and wood. It is widely used in the manufacture and maintenance of vehicles, machinery, chemical pipeline tanks, tooling furniture, lamps, toys, ceramics, ceramics, daily necessities, etc.
Curing time: 5-10 minutes for initial curing and 24 hours for complete curing.
Scope of application: fast bonding of metal, glass, ceramics, most hard plastics, wood and other materials.
Advantages: strong adhesion, fast curing, environmental protection, non-toxic, waterproof, high temperature resistance of 100 degrees Celsius, low temperature resistance of 60 degrees Celsius, simple operation.
Quality guarantee period: 12 months
Material: AB glue
Color: as shown
Size (approximately): 8.5 * 1.7 * 1 cm (3.34 * 0.67 * 0.39 inches)
Capacity: 32ml
The package includes:
1 set of AB glue
Note: Due to manual measurement, an error of 1-3mm is allowed.


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