Spray Anti-Leaking Sealant Spray Tile Waterproof Coating Leak-trapping Repair

Reference: JN003
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Mighty Sealant Spray,Permeable Invisible Waterproof Agent,Bathroom Tile Waterproof Coating,Leak-trapping Repair for roof and exterior wall

【 Roof Leak Repair Spray】: Waterproof Agent, Easily Solve the Problem of Water Leakage.clean the Foundation Surface Before Construction to Ensure That the Foundation Surface is Dry and Dry. 【Efficient Waterproof】: jaysuing Seal Rubber Sealant Coating Spray is your quick and easy way to apply, seal, protect and prevent leakage! After drying, you can apply any color. 【High temperature and low temperature resistance】: This Mighty Sealant Spray will not sag or drip under high temperature in summer. Will not crack or flake in the cold winter. 【 Long-lasting】: with a Quick-drying Ingredients for Easy Plaster, Repair, and Seal. Powerful Solution with a Long-lasting Result.a Waterproof Layer Can Be Formed After 24-48 Hours, and the Waterproof Layer Will Become Stronger over Time. 【 Multiple Uses】: Water Seepage Through Cracks; Water Seepage of Window Sills; Water Seepage in Toilet; Wall Water Seepage; Roof Seepage; Water Seepage of External Wall.

Fit for: -Water seepage through cracks -Water seepage of window sill -Water seepage in toilet -Wall water seepage -Roof seepage -Water seepage of external wall

Material: liquid Capacity: 30ml Features: Waterproofing Agent

USAGE: 1. Clean the base surface before construction to ensure that the base surface is dry and free from dirt. If there are cracks (more than 2 mm), it is recommended to repair with seal ant first, and then use waterproof agent. 2. Spray or brush the product directly on the surface of ceramic tile, floor tile, wall tilecement, etc. "Wait for the product to penetrate into the base course. After a few minutes, when there is no liquid on the surface, spray twice or three times to enhance the effect. The waterproof layer can be formed after curing for 24- 48 hours, and the waterproof layer will be stronger with the time delay.


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