Rotary desk mount for two 10-29" LED LCD monitors.

Reference: 480062 STILE S400
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Rotary desk mount for two 10-29" LED LCD monitors.
High-quality LTC desk mount for monitors and TVs compatible with the VESA 100 x 100 mm standard. Designed for displays with diagonals in the range of 10" - 29", it will be perfect on a desk as a complement to a computer station. Adapted to the installation of two monitors. The desk holder is primarily about freedom and adjustability. Mounted monitors sit above the tabletop, freeing up desk space previously occupied by large and bulky monitor stands. This increases the working space of the table top and gives the user more freedom to work at the desk. The multitude of possibilities to adjust the settings of monitors is the main advantage of the LTC holder. The monitors are located on two, two-part arms, with the possibility of height adjustment. Thanks to this design of the handle, you can adjust the height of the monitors, the tilt angles, the user's eye distance, and the angle of each monitor. The handle gives full manipulation, it even allows you to set monitors in a vertical orientation (pivot).

480062 STILE S400